Thursday, 1 April 2010

Saw alive? - No Thanks!

I'm planning to go to Thorpe Park again because they have the BEST ride called Stealth. Honestly the video makes it look small!! However I haven't been on the Saw ride . That apparently is as good if not better than Stealth, which means I really want to go on it.

Anyway one of my friends has recently been to Thorpe Park and there is a new ride that opened a few days ago called 'Saw Alive'. From what I heard about it I don't think I will even go near it.

You walk through a maze in small groups and the aim of the ride is to scare you and mess with your mind. They have actors physically in the scenes from Saw, and if you haven't seen the films, they are quite gory. Apparently it all looks disturbingly real. They also have things popping out and actually grabbing your ankles. And while this is all happeneing you are in total darkness.

The One show did a report about it.

The ride was stopped when my friend went on it because one boy seriously freaked out and was getting aggressive towards the actors.

Well, when I go there I think I will stick with the rollercoasters, but who knows?

From Ryan, to Brothers to the Pacific

I am really looking forward to watching 'The Pacific' on Sky Movies HD.

After the success of Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg collaborated to create a miniseries called 'Band of Brothers' which was also set during World War II. I was rather annoyed that I didn't have sky at that time of its broadcast so I didn't get to watch much of it. But what I did see was amazing, especially the music!

However they have made another miniseries called 'The Pacific' which is broadcast on Monday. From an interview I read in culture magazine they have made it their most disturbing and realistic production yet. I think a lot of money has gone into it basically. They apparently use lots of point-of-view camera shots to make you feel like you are one of the soldiers, and that any one of the characters could die, so don't get too attached. Also the music is written my Hans Zimmer, who is amazing. His score for Black Hawk Down and Pirates of the Caribbean will be hard to beat.

I find that many programmes at the moment are all too similar and this is pretty much, a film split up into parts so it should be really interesting. Especially seeing as so much thought and money has gone into it as well.

I can't wait.